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The term printer paper as sold by Needa means any paper, such as A4 paper or A3 paper, which is made especially for or is normally used in computer printers. Some of the paper types in this broad category is paper made specifically for different kinds of printers, such as inkjet printers or laser printers, and most paper also comes in a wide array of weights, sizes, colours and finishes.

Many kinds of printer paper and copier paper are used in Irish offices. As a result, you may find it difficult to determine which paper to buy. Did you know that different printer paper is made for different purposes while some paper can only be used with one specific kind of printer?

Why Paper Quality Matters?

There is no doubt that choosing the most suitable type of copier paper for your printing project often starts with an understanding of why paper is such an important element. For example, your customers may equate the overall quality of your marketing efforts with the quality and reliability of your various products and services. This is why having a top-quality print job indicates that you run a business that provides high-quality services, products and customer support. And this influences purchasing decisions.

If you or your office goes through a ream of paper in no time, you can stock up on copier paper and print paper and get the best prices. 

Types of Printer Paper

Certain types of printers either require or do better with specialized kinds of paper. LaserJet paper and inkjet paper are two of the most well-known types. And note that there is also special printing paper for solid ink printers as well as for special printers that take rolled paper. A standard ream of paper comes in various sizes and might be A4 orA3. Also, many printers can use a wider range of printing paper, including paper sizes that are quite small and large.

For example, your typical business printer may be able to easily print on printer paper as small as 7.62 cm x 12.7 cm, or A7, and as large as A3 paper or bigger but these are usually used in design offices.  Many specialized printers in Ireland can also accept other formats, like paper size known as “wide format” but this only comes in rolls. sells a variety of copier and printer paper from 5 Star. Some of them are:



Laser Printers

Laser Paper

Note that laser printing paper is made to be used with only laser printers. This is because the paper is made with specific kinds of materials and has certain features, such as thickness, which make it perfect for laser printers. Laser paper is ideal for mailing labels, checks as well as printing addresses.

Laser paper is also an excellent option for double-sided printing. This is because the brightness of this paper prevents see-through to graphic or text on the other side. You can buy laser paper at a reasonable price from

Bright White Paper

This is another popular type of printing paper for laser printers. Bright white paper is often used to print various types of documents. It is perfect for printing texts and simple images. And that is not all; the paper can also print double-sided or duplex. And reams of white paper also have a nice smooth feel to them.

Inkjet Printers

Matte Paper

Businesses use this paper when printing on inkjet printers. You can use it for general use as well as daily use. Matte paper can be quite luxurious, and it has a soft and satin finish that will feel smooth to the touch.

Note that the less shiny finish of matte paper also improves readability, which is good for most printed communications. This paper has a surface that allows the ink to dry quite rapidly.

Glossy Paper

Did you know that some people think that glossy paper is a photo paper? However, photo paper is different. Note that glossy paper exudes a luxurious shine, making colours sharper as well as more contrasted. This paper is ideal for full-colour magazines, leaflets, brochures, and super slick business cards.

While it may smudge easily, glossy paper is still great for general use. However, keep in mind that the ink takes a while to dry when you use this type of paper to print.

Photo Paper

Photo paper is specifically designed for photos. You will find photo paper for sale at The paper has a smooth surface that is carefully coated with a nice glossy substance. However, note that the paper allows the ink to dry quite fast. Photo paper is available in different sizes, weights and coating options to meet your needs.

Card Stock

This is another type of paper that is quite commonly used in Ireland. It is perfect for arts and crafts as it has a thick and sturdy surface. You can use it to print out greeting cards, signage, and business cards.

You can buy Xerox Premier Paper from at just €5.59. The paper is designed for laser and mono inkjets printers.

Are you looking for a simple way to achieve lively and colourful prints, you can by the Q-Connect Copier Paper from The paper has a clean and clear surface and you can use it in laser printers as well as copiers. It creates precise and clear prints without any blemish or stain.

Uncoated and Coated

Paper stock is either uncoated or coated. While there are many coating finishes, such as talc, as well as specialized uncoated paper, keep in mind that all reams of paper fall into one of these two main categories.

Uncoated paper is generally rougher compared to coated paper. It also tends to be more porous, making it absorbent.  Keep in mind that images printed on uncoated paper are softer and less crisp. 

Uncoated Stock

Uncoated stock of paper does not have any coated pigment. The pigment is applied to lower the absorbency or enhance the smoothness of the paper. As a result, inks tend to dry by absorbing into uncoated paper. Also, note that uncoated paper comprises a large number of paper types. You will find them in a variety of surfaces, including smooth and textured surfaces.

Coated Stock

Coated stock has a surface coating. The coating is applied to make the surface more conducive to the reproduction of images and text to achieve sharper detail while improving colour density. The main objective of coating the stock by adding a coated clay pigment is to enhance the smoothness and lower the absorbency.

A coated sheet keeps your printing from looking “fuzzy,” and it does this by restricting ink from absorbing quickly into the paper surface.

Also, a coated ream of paper is more opaque than uncoated sheets. As a result, it is better suited to two-sided printing without the risk of considerable bleed through from back side printing. We can categorize coated paper finishes as matte, cast, dull, gloss and high gloss.


You know that the size of the document you will print is the start of the entire process. So, understanding the dimension of paper, such as A3 paper, needed for your work can make all the difference between a nice and professional looking piece and sheer awkwardness. While the standard size of printing paper is 21.6 cm × 27.9 cm, most types of paper is also available in a variety of sizes that range from small postcards to large format print sizes.

Standard or Letter

Note that the most common copier paper dimension for printing your standard documents and business flyers is 21.6 cm × 27.9 cm. And this is also the same paper dimension that you find in many notebooks as well as personal printers at home. Needa sells in a variety of bonds and colours, which you can use for most professional and academic documents.

A4 Paper

A4 paper is easily the most commonly used paper for printing and measures 210mm by 297mm. Note that A4 paper comes in several different weights and with many different coatings. And that means there is an A4 print paper that is suitable for any type of printing job. sells Motif A4 Copier Paper at just €3.19. You can also buy Opportunity White A4 Copier Paper at just €2.99. This standard office paper is suitable for everyday use. And it is also ideal for office printer as well as fax use.

You will also find Double A White Premium Printer Paper at It is available in different sizes, such as A3, A4 and A5.

And if you prefer Xerox Symphony Intense Shades Coloured Paper or Xerox Symphony Pastel Tints Coloured Paper, you will find them at

Other printer and copier paper that you will find at at reasonable prices are as follows:

ü  Q-Connect Premium White Paper

ü  Q-Connect Intense Shades Coloured Paper

ü  Pukka Paper Everyday Copier Paper A4 80Gsm

ü  Q-Connect A4 White 80Gsm Copier Paper

ü  Report A4 Copier White Paper 

ü  Canon White Copier Printer Papers

ü  Q-Connect Copier A3 Paper 80Gsm White Ream

ü  Xerox A4 Premium Nevertear 95 Micron White Copier Paper

A3 Paper

A3 paper is bigger and measures 297mm by 420mm, twice the size of standard A4 paper. Note that this larger sheet will allow you to print various documents that require more of a visual impact, such as large graphic pieces and high-resolution images. Did you know that large format A3 printers are quite versatile since they can print both A4 and A3?

Final Thoughts

Navigating printing paper and copier paper types and sizes is not impossible. This is especially true if you seek help from printing paper experts at We provide reliable and suitable printing solutions to Irish businesses. You can buy a ream of paper from us at affordable prices. We are well-versed when it comes to printing projects, and can offer you valuable advice on paper as well as printer choices to ensure that you get the most out of your printed work.

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