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Everybody has a routine in the mornings. Some go for an early morning jog to start the day. Others swear by a healthy breakfast containing protein and carbs to keep them fuelled until their next break. There are those that press snooze one time too many and burst through the building’s doors at 9.05 am. Then there is the religious coffee drinker. It doesn’t matter what time they wake, or what needs to be done-coffee comes first. At, we have been providing coffee as well as commercial coffee machines to offices and organisations in Ireland for a number of years to ensure that caffeine lovers throughout the country can continue to work efficiently and produce excellent results. Taking care of little details such as supplying particular brands of coffee to suit varying tastes can help to boost morale. While it may seem a minor gesture, it demonstrates that people are more than just a number, and are of significant value to an organisation.

When you choose to buy discount coffee online at, you can avail of a number of different brands and styles that cater for a variety of tastes and preferences. Some of our selection includes:

Filter coffee.
A range of coffee beans
Coffee vending pods
Instant coffee such as Nescafe and Kenco

Search our entire site to find everything you need from coffee to coffee machines. We are dedicated to providing a service that ensures that you find everything required for offices and organisations in one place. When you buy at, we deliver your coffee order to anywhere in Ireland, and if your combined order surpasses €75, delivery is free.

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Office Coffee Machines


Coffee has long established itself as the elixir to many for getting their working day started. Nowadays, an office coffee machine is pretty much a no brainer to keep the team motivated and energised. Many would consider their morning or afternoon coffees an integral part of the day for many reasons.


The variety of options, tastes and preferences keep people satisfied and curious and finding a machine that matches those requirements can be a challenge. You want to get the machine that gives the staff a lift and not the one that sends them out to the shop every day. Needa have a number of perfect options suitable for every user. Whether you’re a standard Americano drinker or the latest Frappuccino, there is an office coffee machine for your team’s needs.


If you are still on the fence about whether to introduce a new coffee machine to your office, allow us to give you a quick look at some of the surprising benefits to expect.


Professional Coffee Machine For Sale


Many people simply crave their coffee in the morning without fully appreciating the benefits. This is especially applicable to workplaces as they are often the ones who benefit the most.


Boosted Morale


Bringing a commercial coffee machine into the office is a perk that the team really appreciates. Perks that truly acknowledge what the staff want makes them feel more valued. Having coffee readily accessible reduces their own spending and effort of having to leave the office to get a cup.


Boost in Productivity


Of course, a morning coffee can kick-start the day but many people use the caffeine to maintain their energy levels when they notice a slump. Productivity typically slows in the early morning and mid-afternoon so a little pick-me-up is needed. A quick coffee helps keep you focussed and keep the energy up.


Great Visual for Guests


Having a commercial coffee machine in-house can actually say a lot about an office. For potential new hires, they can tell the employer goes out of their way for the staff and cares about their needs. Similarly, a professional coffee machine can impress new customers or guests with something they like. Many offices that can be considered drab will place their fancy professional coffee machine in plain view of visitors to give the impression of higher quality.


What you can expect from a Commercial Coffee Machine?


The latest commercial coffee machines available from Needa come with many ancillary benefits and bonuses you might not have expected.


Different types of coffee can be sampled from a selection of machines allowing staff to change up their choices reducing coffee fatigue and disinterest.


Quick brewing and consistent quality are the mark of all of our machines meaning there are no delays or bad pots.


Extra functions make sure to not exclude anyone who doesn’t drink coffee. Tea and hot chocolate drinkers are welcome!


Easy maintenance is the future. Gone are the days of it being a chore assigned to the new employees. Many of our machines have automatic or easy to use cleaning features to ensure hygiene standards.


What Office Coffee Machines does Needa supply?


Needa supplies 3 different types of commercial coffee machine to match every coffee connoisseur’s preference. Those are filter or drip, bean to cup or capsule coffee machines. Here’s a quick look at each machine available from Needa and some of their highlight features.


Filter Office Coffee Machines for Sale


The Bravilor Quick Filter Coffee Machine is one of the most popular professional office coffee options. A modern, sleek stainless steel machine with an easy to use digital interface makes it visually appealing and simple for everyone. Throw it on first thing in the morning and within 8 minutes, your Bravilor will tell you when your coffee is ready for everyone to enjoy. The coffee is dispensed into large 2.2 litre air-pots that keep your beverages hot for a long time. User’s simply squeeze down the top of the pot to fill their cups so it couldn’t be easier.


Bravilor TH Quick Filter Coffee Machine is another Bravilor machine that provides quick and delicious drip coffee. The signature stainless steel with black accents gives it a very modern appearance. Coffee is brewed directly into the air-pots in a similar time of 8 minutes which is signalled by the machine itself. The digital interface makes it very easy to use meaning anyone can put the coffee on for the team.


The Bravilor Novo Filter Coffee Machine is the lowest-price filter professional coffee machine on Needa. However, it is just as tasty and with a number of handy features. It brews into a 1.7 litre glass decanter which sits on a self-regulating hot plate to preserve the quality of coffee. The Novo can be manually filled with water meaning it can be placed anywhere in your office with an electrical outlet. It is also just as easy to use as the other options.


Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machines for Sale


The Saeco OCS Phedra Coffee Machine is produced in Italy and gives you a whole host of lovely options. Special technology developed by Philips mean you can enjoy an Americano, latte, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, mochaccino, hot chocolate or a boiled water in seconds. The Phedra can produce up to 150 cups of coffee a day to make sure any small to medium sized office is well looked after. It can either be hooked up to the main water supply for ease of use or has a 3 litre reservoir to keep things efficient.




The Gaggia La Radiosa F/Milk Coffee Machine is another stunning Italian option. With the ability to dispense over 250 cups a day, the La Radiosa is made with efficiency in mind. In keeping with this, it has an automatic self-cleaning cycle to eliminate the hassle to maintain it and keeps it perfectly hygienic. It also serves an Americano, espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato, mochaccino, chocolate or hot water. The adjustable LED display really shows off the attention paid to style for this eye-catching machine. Finally, while it is not in use it switches to energy saving mode to reduce energy consumption further.




The Saeco Aulika Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is an attractive, easy to maintain machine capable of serving two cups of coffee at once. The LED lights, electronic interface and black aesthetic make this a sophisticated and elegant addition to any office. With 8 drink selections and adjustable coffee strengths, it easily satisfies everyone’s needs. The Aulika is the latest in a series of great machines concentrating on quality and energy efficiency.




The Aequator Brasil Auto Coffee Machine is a fully automated bean to cup machine. The Brasil is capable of delivering 120 to 150 cups of quality coffee to eagerly awaiting staff every hour and so is ideal for medium to large staff teams. A new technology has further improved it’s already top quality hygiene systems to give you peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness. 14 different coffee choices mean there is an option even for the pickiest coffee drinker in the office.




The Necta Krea Touchscreen Coffee Machine is a stylish, easy to use office coffee machine. It comes with a 7 inch widescreen to clearly display the options and assist the user. The frame is a light chrome with elegant-looking black surfaces. Designed with the customer in mind, it provides you with 7oz, 9oz and 12oz options to meet your individual needs.


The Necta Kalea Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is the perfect fit for the busy office. It can produce up to 150 cups a day with ease and can be pre-programmed to clean itself taking any of the hassle out of it for you. The wide interactive touchscreen makes it easy to use and fun to survey your options even playing videos while on standby mode. Three hoppers at the top give lots of choice for coffee and hot chocolate so everyone will feel satisfied.


Capsule Professional Coffee Machines for Sale


The Spinel Jasmine Espresso Coffee Machine gives you the fancy barista experience in your own office. With the ability to produce two cups simultaneously, every person can enjoy consistent delicious quality from the renowned Illy capsules.  The ease of use, self-cleaning and mains connection option take away any of the hassle you might be expecting or currently tolerating.


The Saeco Area OTC HSC Coffee Machine is a black, modern-looking, single touch machine. At the press of a button, your team will have the tastiest cappuccino available. The Area OTC has adjustable options to allow for different cup sizes. Producing 40 cappuccinos a day, your staff are in for a treat and will certainly feel appreciated with this office coffee machine.


Coffee Supplies and Equipment also Available


The fortunate thing about ordering from Needa is that it is a one-stop shop. Needa supplies the commercial office coffee machine with quick delivery but doesn’t stop at that. You can also order your coffee, cups, stirrers, filters and cleaning supplies. In fact, Needa can supply your office with everything it needs to run smoothly without needing to source multiple vendors for every different product you want.


In Conclusion…


The appreciation staff have for coffee in today’s world is hard to put into words. It is continuing to surge in popularity. Providing a machine tailored to the needs of your team is hugely beneficial to morale and motivation. A tailored bean to cup, filter or capsule office coffee machine could be exactly the boost your staff are looking for. With quick delivery times and an array of options, Needa can help you create the buzz every office needs right now.

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