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Printer Scanner Copier Multifunction Printers

Multifunction, or all-in-one printers can be used at home or at the office and can be either inkjet or laser. The smaller versions of 'printer scanner copier' (also referred to as mfp) are typically associated with home use and bigger, faster verions (such as modern-day photocopiers) easily handle the heavy monthly duty cycle of the busiest of offices.

The advantages of the multi-function printer are obvious. They save money as they are less costly to purchase than if you were shopping for separate machines. They save space by containing everything in one compact machine. And they are convenient: having printer, scanner and photocopier in one saves a lot of hassle in terms of networking and accessing each machine.

Having all machines in one machine also looks tidier and is more suited to a busy but smooth-running office environment. More machines mean more cables, and this can be an eyesore. A multi-function printer with wireless connectivity will look so much better. A powerful, multi-function printer will add class to your workspace.

The workflow of your office will also be enhanced by an all-in-one printer. By giving your workers instant access to the different functions of an all-in-one, you will save time and effort and improve the efficiency of their labours.

These days, multi-function printers are no longer geared only toward home use. They are the pulse of many high-pressure office environments that require a serious monthly duty cycle from their printer.

All-in-one printers can be either laser or inkjet. There are various advantages and disadvantages to either but, suffice it to say, the very best of multi-function printers come in both types. Just check out our range of products and you will see that inkjet and laser printers are at both ends of the spectrum in terms of price and where they are designed to be used.

We have so many products that you are sure to find what you are looking for if you are shopping for a multi-function printer. They come in all shapes and sizes but generally they look great, are compact and tidy, and will be a welcome addition to any office or home environment.

Printer Scanner Copier 

Printers are a necessity for modern business. They straddle the digital and physical worlds, providing an easy means by which a business can provide a paper copy of a document for a customer or client. Most modern printers also include a scanning capability, enabling users to easily copy documents or make an electronic copy.

Laser Scan Printers

Colour laser printers are the main go to for businesses, large and small. They produce high quality prints and are capable of printing in colour as well as black and white. They are cheaper to run than inkjet printers as they use toner cartridges which can provide hundreds or even thousands of pages before they need replacing.

A colour laser printer can print efficiently and quickly, churning out pages in next to no time. They are easy to use and require less attention than inkjet models. Their disadvantages include a higher purchase price and bulkier size. They are ideal for bulk printing but the increased speed is offset by noise. A colour laser printer is also not ideal for large amounts of black and white document printing as it must combine different toners to create the colour black.

Inkjet Scan Printers

Inkjet printers are the most common type of printer used today. They work by using an ink cartridge which requires refilling or replacement once finished. Inkjet printers are most commonly found in home settings but they can still be found in offices worldwide.

Inkjet printers are good all rounders, capable of printing photos and documents with equal skill. They have higher running costs which is offset by their cheaper purchase price. A typical inkjet printer is quite small and ideal for a home setting. They become cost inefficient when printing in bulk and take noticeably longer than laser printers when printing documents.

Mono Laser Scan Printers

Mono laser printers differ from colour laser printers in that they can only print monochrome (black, white, and grey). In all other respects they are similar to a colour laser printer. They use toner cartridges instead of ink cartridges. The higher cost of the toner is offset by it allowing the user to print far more pages before requiring replacement.

Generally speaking, a mono laser printer is usually guaranteed to be cheaper than a colour laser printer and faster than an inkjet printer. They are bulkier and noisier than smaller home printers but they excel at bulk printing of black and white documents. Any business that requires large amounts of printing every month will find a mono laser printer a worthwhile addition.

All in one Printers - Inkjet printers

Providing a varying range of features, multifunction printers enable users to increase efficiency, through more tasks being completed on one machine, without compromising office space. Perfect for use at home or in small offices, these printers ensure excellent quality of print while providing the latest technology in features to ensure convenience and increased user-friendliness. Copy, fax, email, and even store documents in the cloud all in one compact and durable machine.

Supplying our client base with a variety of options in printing is a priority at By researching the requirements of our clients, we ensure that all business and home requirements are covered with our range of inkjet multifunction printers. Whether you need to scan your birth-cert for college, or email a copy of the monthly report, multifunction printers save time on these every-day tasks. We provide basic, affordable models that copy, print and scan. These are ideal for home use or in a small office. For larger offices where speed and efficiency is a necessity, there are more advanced options that are laden with features such as: cloud capability, automatic double sided printing, low costs per page and decreased ecological costs.

Browsing through our options at, you will find a range of printers with varying speeds and features. Researching your printing requirements before purchasing is important, and our “Add to Compare” feature enables you to evaluate what best suits your needs. works with the most established and recognised brands in printing to ensure excellence in the quality of products supplied. Combining advanced technology with user friendliness, we ensure that clients have confidence that they are acquiring a durable and cost effective machine. Our brands include Brother, Epson and Hewlett Packard. 

All in one Printers - Laser printers

Choosing between inkjet and laser all in one printers can be a difficult choice if you are unaware of the exact benefits of each option. Both offer their own advantages and disadvantages, but the decision on which one to purchase is generally dependant on the individual requirements of the user. The primary difference between each printer is the mechanism by which they print. Inkjets use ink sprayed through microscopic nozzles, while lasers use a toner cartridge filled with fine powder.

At we work with the world’s most recognised brands in printing to provide a range of multifunction laser printers to suit all home and business requirements. Brands such as: Brother, Epson, Hewlett Packard, OKI and Samsung all contain a variety of impressive features to improve business performance and convenience. Choose from one of our affordable models that promises to improve productivity and save time, or one of our more advanced models that provide superb colour and smart usability. Choosing speed and efficiency with easy to use controls is important for user experience, and many models now offer Android and IOS compatibility to enable increased convenience.

With over 72 models to choose from in total, selecting a multifunction laser printer can be time consuming. Understanding your printing requirements is essential in making an informed decision. Our “compare” feature aims to simplify the selection process by enabling clients to compare and contrast features such as: wireless capability, speed, cost per page, and a range of other factors that are important when choosing the correct machine for your home or business.

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