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Label Makers (printers) have grown in popularity as an easy and efficient way to neatly label everything from boxes, files, seating arrangements, kitchens and everything else. They are used at home to keep things organised; and in the office and on production lines to make sure things go or flow where they are supposed to!
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Which Label Maker Printer is best for you?

Label maker printers are very popular these days, mainly because they are so simple and easy to use. There is no special knowledge required to use them so you can start printing in no time. There are different types of machines for different environments but, in general, they fall into three categories: handheld printers, standalone desktop printers and PC/Mac connectable printers.

Handheld or portable label writers are suitable for home or small office use. They are simple and affordable except for the higher spec machines used by professional tradespersons. Most portable label writers produce very good quality labels and come with an integrated label cutter. The main difference between portable and desktop printers is that the portable has a more limited tape width.

Standalone desktop label writers are just as user friendly as the portable machines. They have a built-in keypad and LCD display which allows you to create and preview labels before printing them. Typically, they offer numerous font styles, allow printing in at least two lines and can work with various tape widths. These devices are suitable for small to medium businesses with a moderate demand for label making.

PC/Mac connectable label writers lack a handy keypad and LCD display, but they make up for it in potential for creativity. There is a huge range of fonts, printing styles and templates available in the dedicated software that comes with these machines. To use them, simply connect the device to your computer and you’re good to go. Like all label writers, these are designed with simplicity and ease of use as the foremost principles.

Specialised Label Maker Printers:

Barcode Label Printer

It's important to have a good barcode printer and with Dymo and Brother you have a plethora of choice.  They are all 'plug and play' and will work with the specific applications.  This allows for expedience and fast-flow tracking of items.

Dymo Label Maker vs Brother Label Printer

We offer two brands: Brother and Dymo. If you are looking for quality, you need look no further. Prices start from as low as €36.59 for the handheld Brother PT-H110.

Dymo label maker

Everyone remember dymo punch down 'emboss' label maker.  No chance to correct and those letters and numbers were always all over the place.  This was really the only product on the market of it's kind so we just got used to seeing wonky, thick plastic labels all over the office.  Did you know, they are still for sale - I guess there is still a market for them, otherwise they wouldn't be for sale.  Nevertheless, the dymo 'embossable tape' system has been around since the 50's. Then in the 90's they started competing against the Brother P touch electronic label machine - the rest is history.

Now there are many varieties of dymo label makers available including specialised ones.   They are super easy to use and refill. currently (2020) sell 18 different models.  They vary from personal to office use, single or dual print, as address label to barcode printers.  We're sure you'll be able to find the label maker you are looking for with one of our Dymo label printers.

Brother label printer

Brother came on the scene, in terms of label printers, in 1988, to take on the then giant label maker Dymo.  Brother came out with the innovative P-Touch.  We were all slowly moving into the 'computer' age and the Brother P-touch certainly was as a revelation to those OCD's whose desk drawers could now be organised and labeled with their name!   To them this new Brother label printer was like what it was like for the common layman to see the first usb stick (if those are still used....?!) - we were still getting used to the new 2.5" floppy disks (a big upgrade from the 9 inchers.

Back on subject - the Brother label printers are excellent label printers and just like Dymo, they are now well know and respected in the label printing industry.  People use them at home, at the office, farm, factory, hospitals, care homes, you name it.  Just like it's rival Dymo, they are used for general 'labeling' but also can print barcodes, address labels, be single or dual printing etc.

Order today and receive your label writer in a matter of days. We deliver across Ireland and we even do it free for orders over €75. Or, if you are unsure about what to purchase and need some friendly and objective advice, contact us via phone or email and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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