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Adhesive tape can have a variety of uses around the home, in schools and in the office. They offer a cleaner and easier to use option than glue, and their durability and longevity make them an excellent option in a wide range of situations. At we supply an excellent range of tapes to suit varying client requirements. Working in close conjunction with our clients and purchasers ensures that we have the necessary information to aid us in selecting products that meet the demand of our client base. We are committed to working with some of the most recognised and established brands in adhesive tape, to guarantee that clients have the option of choosing from excellent quality brands at great prices.


Our selection of adhesive tapes includes:

• Office tapes: Offering convenience around the home or office.

• Double sided adhesive tape: Perfect for mounting signs or posters.

• Invisible adhesive tape: Can be written on and is ideal for office use.

• Packing adhesive tapes: Durable, tough tape for sealing boxes.

• Printed tape: Choose from a range of different prints such as, “fragile” and “handle with care”.

• Masking tape: Sticks easily to walls and protects when painting or decorating.

• Hazard tape: High quality and highly visible warning tape.

• Duck tape: Durable, long lasting, strong adhesive tape for binding fixing, and mounting.


Should you have any queries or feedback regarding the selection of adhesive tapes provided by, please feel free to contact us. All adhesive tapes are priced competitively and offer incredible value. Purchasing in bulk enables great savings and allows you to take advantage of free delivery across Ireland.


Strong, Long-Lasting Adhesive Tapes at Great Prices

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